5 best online learning apps for school students in 2021

Bored of your online zoom classes conducted by the school? Here is your fix! This is a compilation of the best apps/websites to study online while you’re quarantining. 

With Covid-19, learning has come to a halt due to lockdown of schools but hey, we’ve been blessed with tonnes of online resources and applications to read, learn and repeat!

  1. Byjus: Of course you know it! It is arguably one of the most popular online learning platforms. It offers courses for school students, NEET, JEE and UPSC aspirants and also bank exams. The courses start at an amount of 3500/- rupees per month and even scholarships are awarded.
  2. Unacademy: This one is the most popular learning application among youth aged 18-28 years but we think this app is great for even school children trying to up their game by being ahead of their syllabus.
  3. Digital Teacher & Digital teacher CANVAS by yours truly J - This learning application is specially designed for school children and is extremely interactive in terms of usage and has very well made assessments. If you’re a school kid looking for something that will hook you to learn, it is Digital teacher. We’ve got everything covered and we start from prices as low as 1547/- "We’re seriously sure that nobody else in the market offers services as good as us at such a great price."
  4. Vedantu : This online learning application is very much similar to Byjus and it also offers training for exams like NDA, NEET etc,. It caters to all school students and its prices start at 4000/- They also teach coding to school children, so if you want to learn to make an app of your own, this is the one then!
  5. Meritnation : This is a lesser known website for e-learning but it definitely has some fame among the school kids. Merit nation has great content with eye-catching visuals and they also provide with assessment tools such as worksheets via courier. But yeah, they definitely do charge a tonne.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and keep it in mind before purchasing an e-learning course.

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