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WHAT IS CANVAS ? : Live classroom learning has now been very challenging across the globe, not just in India. Student should have a flexibility to learn @HOME, Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device.
To address these challenges, Digital Teacher has introduced Digital Teacher CANVAS, a student centric Learning Platform.Student’s understanding level comprehending level will be far lower than actual physical class.


Easy to navigate  User Interface 

Rich Graphics and Animations (2D/3D), Videos 

100% matches with the latest syllabus.

Very economic rates starting from 1547 for 6 months

Practice chapter-wise Quizzes are provided (except English and for CBSE syllabus)

Neutral /Indian Accent Voice Over /Narration

Play/Pause, Next/Previous, Mute,Menu, Seek bar,Full screen

Learn at your own pace through our easy to navigate Android and web

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Sr. Lecturer, IHM Shri Shakti

Being in education domain as lecturer for last 11 years, I am very particular about knowledge and usage of Technology in imparting it.

I have personally spent 3 days in comparing all the learning Apps available on the web. My criteria of selection were based on teaching technique, concept explanation, and usage of Graphics. According to me too much graphics and videos will distract learner. That’s what I observed in Byju’s. Focus should be more on learning concept but not on Graphics. What is the point in too much graphic when concept can be explained using simple real time images?

Then I found Digital teacher App. I am surprised to see the rates. Digital teacher is 2,000 where as Byju’s costs 10,000. I Opted for Digital Teacher not because of the price, but for the quality in education. Even if Digital teacher costs me15000/-, still I would have gone for Digital teacher..... it is the best.


Class – 7, Birla Open School, L.B Nagar Hyderabad.

My brother Karthik Ajay (Global International School and Sri Chaitanya School) used digital Teacher App when he was in 9th and 10th. Now from this year I am using the App. My schools uses Google Classroom to teach. Every day, at least for 2 hours I revise all the subjects that were taught in Google class.....



 Associate Director

I am Associate Director at Pfizer, due to my nature of job, I hardly able to spend any time with my kids. I am very well aware that Digital technology is mandatory to supplement traditional teaching. My son has been using Digital Teacher since 3 years. I am very happy about his knowledge and academic score. 

Simply byhearting the concepts isbwaste other than for marks. But, what actually needed is to understand the concept why we are learning about this concept, where we use this concept etc. Learning app is giving all the dimensions that I wanted. App is available at unbelievable rate . I don’t want my son to see graphics and some magic done by teacher. I want my son to learn and memorize the concept. That’s is the reason I have gifted digital teacher App for my son. A simple image talks 100 words and simple animation clarifies the concept then why to use heavy graphics unnecessary to understand the concept. Generally I don’t give any testimonials but, I could see the transformation in my kid. Thank you Digital Teacher for that.....



Achariya Siksha Mandir, Valasaravakkam, Chennai.

Due to Virus issue, my school is conducting online classes. Zoom classes. I liked digital teacher. I complete my lesson in advance and attend ZOOM class and I answer all the questions asked by teacher, because I have already completed the class in Digital teacher Video, previous night. Digital Teacher ROKZZ..... 

Parent of Akran Dev Reddy, studying in Mentor International School, Magarpatta City, Pune.

I compared Byjus, and other few learning Apps and accidentally came across Digital Teacher site. I explored that and found Digital Teacher content is equally good and price is very less.

May be because of brand, Byju’s is charging 15,000 +
Digital teacher’s Content worth is more than Rs. 2000 I feel. I also feel that Digital Teacher is under rated and it deserves a better position in educational market than many other Learning Apps.....

Heritage Valley School, SDNR, Telangana6 th Class.

I have just started using from past 3 months. I have almost completed my syllabus before schools re open. I am eager to answer the questions of my teacher.

My school also uses Digital Teacher in projector room......

Narender .Y

Business, Hyderabad

I am business owner and i am hardly able to spend time with my kids. And I don’t prefer my quality time in talking about their education. I am confident on the school I have joined them  and also on Digital teacher App. Both  will look after education needs of my kids.

I stopped home tuition, and opted digital teacher as alternative to home tutor. Off course money is not priority for me, I can spend 25,000 for other branded App, but I feel usability is important than Brand. I found Digital Teacher is serving purpose fully.

Most of my school mates are settled as Teachers. I take all education related decisions in consultation with them. Most of their children are using Digital teacher, then without any second thought I opted Digital teacher.

I make my decisions very quick and accurate, because I take decisions on based on inputs I have.......... 



Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Begumpet

I have downloaded trail version of Byjus App. But for me it has become difficult to find out my syllabus in books and in App. There is mismatch in chapter etc. I was too much confused how to use. I told the same to my Father, and he discovered this Videos. Now, My syllabus and Apps syllabus matches 100 %. No confusion now. I am so happy now...….

Parent of K.Shishir, 9th Class, KV-HCU, Gacchibowli, Hyderabad

I am Government teacher and in the initial
stage I was against using Gadgets for children for education.

Now situation forced me to opt for digital technology. Being a teacher, I did research on learning Apps. Major Apps are from delhi and not covering Syllabus. What is the point in buying for 35,000 TAB and content?

I purchased Lenova tab for 11,000 and purchased Digital teacher content for 2,000. I saved money and also gave best content to my Kids. I am very happy with the content and presentation......

6th Class, Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Begumpet.

I Love gadgets.. Be it a computer, Mobile or Smart TV. My father always had a problem with me, because every time he seems me, I am with Gadget. Now, recently my father purchased tablet to learn subjects.

Now, I spent most of my time in exploring and understanding subjects from Digital teacher APP. Its very easy to use. Its like a home tutor. No need of tuition teacher now. Digital teacher is teaching me… like a tuitions teacher........

8th Class, Tagore School, Shad Nagar

I have been using Digital teacher from 3 years. I am scoring more marks, definitely because of this Learning App. My school also use the same software for Digital Classroom....

6th class, Pearson School. Kompally.

I love mobiles and computer gadgets overmuch. My parents used to tell me not to use the, Now, they have purchased Laptop.

I play games and also attend My school live classroom and also play videos of digital Teacher. I mainly use Biology and Physical science because I understand them very easily. It’s like watching physics movie. I luv It.....



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